Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Audacity project

I should have mentioned in my previous post that the tech tools I am working with teachers on are for them to increase productivity. At this time we can access some 2.0 tools as faculty but are not allowed to use blogs, wikis, or other tools with students. I do believe that by introducing these cool tools to my staff that they will be more than ready to plunge in when we do have permission to use them for working with students. One exception so far has been the use of Audacity. Our Literacy Coach wanted to work with students to record books on CD for younger students to use in school. One of our tech people and I downloaded the software and we purchased 6 inexpensive microphones. There were some glitches at first with saving the correct file in the correct format where we could find it but that was easily solved. The students are having a GREAT time and are improving their pace in reading. We will be putting together 4 books with a CD in a zip lock bag. Hopefully we will have 200 sets completed by the end of the year.

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